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HAVE A LISTEN... Richie and Curious Proclivities | 5 Songs in G

Here's some PR for ya...

Richie writes pop songs about the sociology of getting laid. He's a smart-ass who pairs snarky lyrics with contagious pop hooks.

His debut EP, 5 Songs in G, is connected by more than just the key (yes, they are all in the key of G)--it's a five song discourse on intercourse. Or in his words, ”It’s two songs about getting laid, two songs about not getting laid, and one song about love.”

Stylistically, it's all over the map. Whether it's the pop-inspired bouncy groove of "Princess", the nouveau punk "Kiss My Ass", the alt-americana "Liar", the indie ballad "I Know", or the bluesy "Hey Hey" all the songs are connected by Richie's incessant attitude, quirky guitar work, and whiskey/cigarette vocals.

The Curious Proclivities feature the superb drumming of Stark Raving Brad and the beautiful voices of Angela LaFlamme and Sally Dana. The artful Joe Gore adds in everything else including (but not limited to) guitar, bass, banjo, lap-steel, harmonium, and power-synth.

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