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2-10-12 Semi Retirement
Yes folks, Richie has turned it down a couple of notches. He can still be found randomly about town. Most likely in the garden of Wild Side West in beautiful Bernal Heights. And who knows... perhaps there might be some burst of enthusiasm to do a loud show.

So if this is my "alter-ego" project, then please check out my "ego" project
The MegaFlame Big Band and Cabaret. A 10 piece, post-modern, jazz, blues, theatrical extravaganza. The best band I've ever been in. Video and MP3s at

12-10-09 MegaFlame?
So it's been a while since I've done a Richie and The Curious Proclivities show, but I want to let you know that I'll definitely be playing gigs in 2010. I've just been having a freakin' great time as the musical director for the MegaFlame Bigband and Cabaret. It's an amazing group! We've done shows at Decompression and the Burningman Holiday Party. Our latest show, Babes in Toyland Cabaret, is our most ambitious yet. Come check out the show on the 19th!

And check out this super-cool little vid of our Speakeasy show from a few months back (actually a series of still photos strung together--thank you Ana Blue, Rosalie Barnes and Zanne deJanvier).

Speakeasy Cabaret from rajeshwari on Vimeo.

10-28-09 This and that
I've been incredibly busy as the new art director of DRUM! magazine, but I wanted to ramble about a couple of things...
Drunken Frat Boys at the El Rio: I met my FIRST drunk frat-boy fans at my September El Rio Show! Towards the end of the night I'm hangin' out and hear "Hey Kiss-My-Ass guy!"... hell, I'll take that! Gave them CDs and condoms, they were stoked.
Song Signs For Sale: I had just finished my set last week at the Kitty Rose show when this women came up and asked if she could buy two of my "Song Signs" from my set. Her wife wanted "Kiss My Ass" and she wanted my "That's Mr. Princess to You" sign for her son--gotta LOVE that! I think it's time to make T-Shirts out of those.
All the Musicians that fit: Tomorrow at Retox is the first gig I've done with Greg on bass and Brad on percussion. I'm stoked to be playing with such an awesome group of musicians. I love that we can do a show with any combo of Greg, Angela, Sally, and Brad--very cool (Feel better Sally, we miss you).

6-22-09 A Lovely Surprise!
Normally I just write some hyperbole about my latest show, but yesterday was a really unique experience. The original plan was for me and King TuffNStuff to trade sets and that's the way we started. I played five songs or so and then King played a couple of songs. The scene at Stray was so chill that we decided to try a couple of songs together. We have never played with each other before so we had no idea how it would sound.

Well, let me tell ya... it was pretty spectacular and HELLA fun. We ended up playing the rest of the set together--trading off lead vocals, playing on each other's originals, and cutting loose on some really cool covers. We took a break and then came back and played another 40 minute set together.

Sometimes I wonder why I go through all the work of playing live. This is why. It was the first time in a while that I was able to totally loose myself in a performance. I didn't care if people were listening (which they were)--I was just totally into the music. It made me really acknowledge that one of the biggest gifts I get from playing live is the collaboration and camaraderie with the amazing people and musician's I meet along the way... the creative friendships that I've built with King, Brad, Angela, Sally, and Greg are incredibly valuable to me.

And HUGE thanks to the people who came out to a bar in the middle of the afternoon even though it was so freakin' beautiful outside! We plan on doing this again!

6-17-09 The Evolution of the Show
Our "acoustic" show at the El Rio was a blast--great crowd, beautiful day, good food, and excellent music all afternoon! Greg O did a fantastic job on upright bass--I love the sound--and Angela and Sally keep getting better! It was way fun to play my acoustic again.

So my idea is that the "Curious Proclivities" can have different configurations for different gigs--besides accommodating everyone's busy schedules--it's also a great way to keep things fresh. I've been so lucky to play with such great people. Brad, Angela, Sally, and Greg are all amazing musicians that it is my absolute pleasure to know and play with!

My next show is on
Sunday the 21st at the VERY intimate Stray Bar on Cortland. Walking distance from home--gotta love it! Back with my acoustic again--a little singer/songwriter vibe. Might just be me solo... might be me and Angela... we'll see (how exciting!). It's in the afternoon from 4 to 6. I'm playing with the awesome King TuffNStuff (we're alternating two short sets each). C'mon down and hang out!

5-21-09 My CD is Here!
The CD Release party at the El Rio went great... packed the house with you awesome folk--thanks to everyone so much for comin! Dolorata and King TuffNStuff gave killer performances, and Sally, Angela and Brad sounded superb--it was a really fun night--sweaty and a little frantic. And check it out, my CD is here get it today!

It looks like Greg Owell will be playing upright bass for the Fabulita show! Come hear the songs stripped down, in the garden at the El Rio. It's Saturday, June 13th, 3:00pm to 8pm--includes a BBQ! We go on
FIRST at 3:45--don't be late! Details

2-21-09 Out of Hibernation:
And back on it. I'm in the studio doing the finishing touches on my EP, got gigs starting in April (check out upcoming shows), and I'm starting to figure out how I'm going to shoot the video for Princess. If you want to help let me know. I'm going to be building corner sets in my garage and shooting with a little HD Sony. Should be fun!

11-06-08 Too Busy to Blog:
It's the sad truth. I've been spending my energy on my upcoming EP and a video for Princess (which is going to KILL). Check out Princess in the Music Section

10-5-08: Fundraiser for New Orleans/Gulf Coast at the Historic White Horse Inn
My awesome friend Maei Flowers is throwing a fundraiser for the constantly ravaged New Orleans area. I'll be playing a solo acoustic set. Tons of fun--great talent, drag queens, food, dancing. At the White Horse Inn in Berkeley. Check it out at

9-25-09 The El Rio: 12 Hot Dates, 1 Fun Night
I'll be auctioning myself off for a date along with 11 other people at "12 Hot Dates, I Fun Night". C'mon down and support Breast Cancer Awareness. There's a bunch of cool stuff going up for silent auction, and of course you can bid on a date with me! Oh maw gawd... what was I thinkin? At least Cheri will be there ready with a bail-out bid--hah! Check it all out at

9-06-08 Updates... Schmupdates:
Hey you sexy MFs!
Got a lot goin' on as always. Here's a quick run down...

Goin into the studio next week for an intensive little recording session. I'm freakin thrilled to be working with JJ Wiesler and Joe Gore (and Brad, of course). I hope to end up with five or so finished cuts. I'm stoked.

Well, that was interesting. The Glas Kat is a beautiful space with a gigantic dance sound-system. However, the stage in the corner had NO monitors. I was playing a solo acoustic set, so I could hear myself on stage, but at the same time I was listening to this gigantic echo version of my set. I felt like a fetish Lou Gehrig, "Today... ay...ay, I am... am... am. the luckiest freak... eak... eak, in the world"

Still had a great time and thanks so much to my noisy, awesome, supportive friends. And a special thanks to Lish for not only getting me the gig, but for turning my new "Vaudville" cards during my set. Hey, where else can you play while a naked girl is being flogged upstairs?

6-20-08 DEMO RECORDING: Princess, Hey Hey, and Kiss My Ass:
Our whirlwind demo session was killer fun. Three songs in 10 hours--a new record. We recorded with Woody Simmons at her Deep River Studios in Pacifica. Working with Woody at her cool little boutique studio was a joy--Woody really knows her stuff (she's also an amazing Banjo player with a list of CDs and credits as long as my arm).

So yeah, they're just demos. Not sure if I'll end up using these tracks to make something more finished, or just start from scratch, but either way it's nice to finally have something to listen to (and something to get me booked). Every time Brad and I play, the songs get more polished and "coceptualized" (oh, la-ti-dah). I'm looking forward to getting back in the studio to get my other nine songs down in (at least) demo form.

4-23-08 12 Galaxies:
Oh mah gawd... I had too much fun at my first show. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to fill up the 12 Galaxies! So much love... you made it easy! I was so pleased with the show. Brad and I certainly have some work to do, but it's mostly about fine tuning--which is such a great luxury.

The music was raucous and rockin'--so good to plug-in again and make some glorious noise--sweet. And then the stories... For those of you who showed-up, you were treated to a few pretty raw stories--in retrospect, perhaps a bit too raw. I mean... there's personal, and then there's "awkward silence" personal--Hah!

I should have some video from the show that ya'll can check out real soon. The stories however are never going up on the site--gotta come out to hear that embarrassing crap!